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General terms and conditions for models

(Last updated on February 1, 2024)

  1. Age

1.1 The model must be at least 18 years old or the age allowed in the country of origin. That could be 21 years in some countries.


  1. Identification

2.1 A model who makes and uploads a self-made video is required to identify themselves when uploading the first video. identification takes place before uploading the first video. This is to determine if webcammovies.eu are dealing with people who say they are.           

All information provided is only available for webcammovies.eu and is not shared or sold to third parties.


  1. The recorded video

3.1 For the first uploaded video, a model will receive a standard credit of € 25.00 in his / her account after approval.

3.2 The recorded video must be at least 5 minutes, all videos shorter than the minimum of 5 minutes will not be placed on the webcammovies.eu website after checking.

3.3 The recorded video can be a maximum of 2 GB.

3.4 All recorded videos that exceed the specified 2 GB, which is our maximum upload, must compress the movie. There is free software that can be used for this. (Free video converter) Good video quality after compressing.

3.5 All self-recorded videos must be at least HD quality.

720p (HD ready)

1080p (Full HD)

1440p (Quad HD)

2160p (Ultra HD 4K)

Resolutions less than the indicated resolutions will not be posted on webcammovies.eu website.

3.6 Music in the recorded video or videos is not allowed.

3.7 All recorded videos may not contain links to other websites in the video.

However, your username may be included in the video, as you specified when registered as a model.

If so, place your name in the top left corner, bottom left corner or bottom right corner.

The top right corner is used for the WebCamMovies name.

3.8 What is not allowed in a self-recorded video;






Extreme violence



Genital mutilation

Under the influence of drugs.


  1. Payouts

4.1 webcammovies.eu pays out with a minimum amount of € 50.00 or more. This does not apply to models that have created an account between 01-04-2022 and 31-07-2022.
For those models, the amount to be paid out in that period is € 160.00 or more.

4.2 webcammovies.eu pays out with Paypal. To receive payments, a model must have a paypal account.

When creating a paypal account, the model must have the same email address that a model has provided to create an account on webcammovies.eu

4.3 webcammovies.eu will introduce several payment systems in the future.


  1. What turnover will I keep?

5.1 webcammovies.eu pays out 60% income. 40% commission retains webcammovies.eu for the following reasons.

It is very important that we constantly improve the platform through new features and updates to ensure that webcammovies.eu is a platform where our models can be successful.

This is in addition to all that we do to make sure that webcammovies.eu is as intuitive, secure, and user-friendly as possible.

The remaining percentage is used for payment processing, chargeback, server cost, implementation of new features, research and development, and more. We take care of all these technical aspects so that you can concentrate on creating amazing content.


  1. Terminate your account

6.1 A model who terminates his or her account must be aware that when his or her account is terminated, all uploaded videos will be deleted.

If there are still outstanding amounts in the account that have not yet been paid out, they will also expire.

The termination of the account is final.